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  X-Ray/Litho Recovery  

We purchase X-Ray Film/Litho, and operate a Silver Recovery Service.

If you are an organization that uses X-Ray Film or Litho, we would like the opportunity to purchase your materials from you.

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Our Washline - We take your dirty mixed rigid and through our proprietary process, we clean and shred it so it can reused rather than sit in a land fill.

Our Pelletizing Process - We take your films and turn them into plastic pellets that are then reused to make new products.

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  Plastic Recycling  

We purchase and recycle post industrial scrap plastic.

Many of our clients used to pay to have this material removed; now we pay them for it. Contact us so that we can do the same for you.

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At Empire Resource Recycling (ERR) we are proud that we are improving the
environment as a natural course of our business.

The socially responsible services that we perform for the environment can become 
valuable resource to your organization as well. We believe in win-win relationships.
While we recycle your unwanted materials, we pay you for them, which provide you additional revenues as well.

In line with our stance on win-win relationships, ERR believes in partnerships.
Partnerships built with the idea that if you are fair and honest with people, you will
be given the same respect. This core belief has helped build three very different
companies, under one corporate structure, utilizing similar resources.

To find out more about our partnership opportunities, please follow the above
navigation at any time, or click on this link: Partnerships

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Manufacturing Locations:
Rochester, New York

Office (remit to):
PO Box 147 Phelps, NY 14532